In Manufacturing Efficiency Is The Goal

Frequently Big Problems That Impact Efficiency Start Out As Small Irritants.

Download The Cheat Sheet To Get The 5 Most IT Irritants That Can Have An Impact On Operational Efficiency And What To Do About It.

Having These Problems?
  • Staff doesn’t know where to find documents/data
  • Ensuring data is organized, centralized and protected
  • Separation of Guest from Staff WIFI access – Assuming everyone who logs into your WIFI is HONEST?
  • My “S” Drive is Gone
  • My Printer is gone.
  • Business application stops working
  • Microsoft Office Requires Activation
  • Adobe Acrobat throws errors that it is unlicensed and you are paying monthly for it.
  • Slow response from computer / server
  • Slow response when opening files on shared drive
  • Constant slow downloads from Internet
  • Buggy Patches, Unreliable Patches, or No Patches
  • Conference Room Technology never works
The Right IT Service Is like An “A” Player Employee:
  1. Requires little oversight
  2. Gets results
  3. Helps the business improve

How long will you tolerate A “C” Player Solution?

There may be more to your problem than you realize.

Download our cheat sheet: Top 5 IT Irritations, How to Identify If you Have them and How to Fix them