Small/Medium businesses have many factors to worry about when it comes to running a well-regarded business.

Quality product, quality service, ensuring customer satisfaction and anything that compromises your service levels you work hard to rectify because they directly affect your reputation in the marketplace.

And reputation in the marketplace is one of the key elements in being able to attract new clients and customers.

I’m sure you have experienced errors on billing and invoices from your vendors, which gets you questioning how organized are they? Your ability to reach someone helpful to correct the issue has undoubtedly also been a challenge.

What would happen if you found out your data from your supplier/vendor was compromised? How would that impact your willingness to continue doing business with that vendor? Particularly if they could not tell you if your data and which data was compromised.


How will your customers feel if the situation was reversed and your business data got into the wrong hands? Is your business ready to properly handle this situation?

The way SMB owners think:

When it comes to investment in security, we should NOT think of Security as a cost that doesn’t directly benefit the business and instead view it as an element that bolsters your reputation in the marketplace.

“82 percent of SMBs say they’re not targets for attacks as they don’t have anything worth stealing” (Towergate Insurance).

Yet 55 percent of SMB respondents have experienced a cyber-attack in the past year, and another 50 percent have experienced a data breach involving customer and employee information (2016 State of SMB Cybersecurity)

It’s a fact that 79% of SMBs don’t have an incident response plan, yet ransomware is expected to grow by 25% per year. Is your business ready to handle a breach?

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