Do Your Foreman Have Trouble Accessing Timely Information?

Are Field Employees Constantly Waiting To Get To The Office To Complete Work? Is your current IT provider giving excuses instead of results?

Common IT Irritants:
  • Staff doesn’t know where to find documents/data
  • Ensuring data is organized, centralized and protected
  • Separation of Guest from Staff WIFI access – Assuming everyone who logs into your WIFI is HONEST?
  • My “S” Drive is Gone
  • My Printer is gone.
  • Business application stops working
  • Microsoft Office Requires Activation
  • Adobe Acrobat throws errors that it is unlicensed and you are paying monthly for it.
  • Slow response from computer / server
  • Slow response when opening files on shared drive
  • Constant slow downloads from Internet
  • Buggy Patches, Unreliable Patches, or No Patches
  • Conference Room Technology never works
The Right IT Service Is like An “A” Player Employee:
  1. Requires little oversight
  2. Gets results
  3. Helps the business improve

How long will you tolerate A “C” Player Solution?

There may be more to your problem than you realize.

Download our cheat sheet: Top 5 IT Irritations, How to Identify If you Have them and How to Fix them