Access your most important files on the go

The last few years have seen offices go mobile as we check our emails, chat with colleagues and access data all from our phones and tablets. As this way of working and cloud-based technologies have become commonplace for most businesses, the need for mobile and file syncing, one-click file sharing, automated backups, remote access, and data collaboration is ever increasing.

Rely On IT has the perfect solution when it comes to getting synced, called RelySync. This allows you to share files and folders with a click of your mouse, secure files with state-of-the-art encryption techniques, and automatically back up critical data with one simple solution. RelySync also eliminates the need for FTP or complicated VPNs to access company data on the go.

With RelySync, you and your staff will be able to easily access all of your files from anywhere, any time, on any Internet-enabled device – including laptops, desktops and mobile devices of all kinds.

Features & Benefits of RelySync

  • Large email attachments are no longer necessary with point, click and share
  • High-availability to ensure continuous uptime
  • Real-time syncing for seamless backups
  • Multiple folder backup for your documents, desktop, pictures and more
  • Secure and managed file-sharing for internal and external parties
  • Granular admin controls, user-access and security controls
  • 448-bit Blowfish encryption
  • Works on Windows, Mac/OSX agents and IOS/Android Apps
  • Comprehensive usage reports
  • Save data to any data store (SAN, SCSI, on-site server, remote server, etc.)

This is the perfect solution for businesses that operate a BYOD policy or for staff who like to get out and about. So if you want to have your entire business at your fingertips, come and talk to the team at Rely On IT.

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