Dark Web Scans

Stay ahead of threats and see if any of your login credentials are compromised

Most data breaches are a multistage process where threat actors attack a system over a long period of time to find vulnerabilities that they can exploit. It’s far more common for them to gather your login credentials and study your system first before they launch a ransomware attack. Threat actors do this to maximize the money they can extort out of their victims; fortunately, this delay also means that there’s time for you to check if your credentials are compromised.

Rely On IT’s Dark Web Scanning services tracks down your organization’s credentials and data to give you the advantage in the event of a data breach.

Find out if you’re a target for hackers and other online threats


With our service, you’ll know if any of your login credentials are compromised long before a threat actor starts planning to attack your system. It will give you an opportunity to change your passwords, activate multifactor authentication, beef up your firewalls and endpoint scanning systems, and deploy more security solutions where needed.

With Dark Web Scans from Rely On IT, we will:
  • Increase your chances of identifying and reducing the impact of data breaches
  • Monitor your presence on the dark web
  • Reduce the time between the data breach occurrence and discovery
  • Help safeguard your employee, business, and client data

The aim of regular dark web scanning is to snuff out opportunities for would-be attackers before they even attempt an attack. This is important because cybersecurity success is highly dependent on being proactive instead of reactive. Be proactive about your data protection by partnering with Rely On IT today.