Cloud Computing

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Transferring your technology to the cloud means that the physical aspects of your IT - along with their management and maintenance - are delivered via the Internet on a pay-as-you-go pricing structure. Storing data off-site or in the cloud makes it easier than ever for small businesses to keep their client details, consumer data, and business information secure, while enhancing collaboration in your workspace and offering more mobility to your workers.

With your hardware, software, servers and applications hosted in the cloud, you'll free up office space, save money, eliminate storage and cooling costs, and be able to upgrade your IT easily, as well as enjoying increased mobility.

The many business benefits of cloud computing include:

  • Significantly reducing IT costs and IT-related capital expenditure
  • Ability to use more advanced computing power, without having to own it
  • Paying ONLY for the computing resources you use, on a set monthly fee basis
  • Access to your desktop, data and applications any time, anywhere, from any device
  • Instant scalability, up or down, as your business grows
  • Adoption of “greener” IT and more space in your office

To help you understand the impact of moving your IT to the cloud computing Palo Alto & San Jose, we are offering a complimentary Cloud Assessment. During the assessment, we will review your current hardware, licenses, data and applications. We will also look at your network, including your security and backup. After the assessment, we will show you exactly how your business could benefit from moving its IT to the cloud.

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