Penetration Testing

Ensure maximum protection by discovering and fixing weak points in your security system

As technology evolves, so do threats, compliance requirements, and other factors that affect your cybersecurity posture. To maintain high levels of data security, your IT team needs to know exactly where your system fails before it becomes an issue. This is why it’s important for your organization to conduct regular penetration testing to measure the effectiveness of your cybersecurity on an ongoing basis. The data from penetration testing sessions will also give your IT team the insight they need to effectively protect your network and data from harmful attacks.

Rely On IT makes penetration testing easy for your IT team because we’ll create comprehensive penetration testing parameters and conduct the test for you. Your team can learn where your vulnerabilities are and focus on improving your security. We will conduct an annual thorough penetration test and 12 mini penetration tests on specific areas throughout the year to ensure your cybersecurity solutions are up to date. This saves your internal IT team time, effort, and cost on actual testing.

Learn your system’s weak points so you can swiftly make improvements


Through constant testing and accurate reporting, Rely On IT helps you create robust and efficient cybersecurity solutions that protect your organization from cyberthreats.

With Penetration Testing from Rely On IT, we will:
  • Help identify and prioritize risks
  • Discover vulnerabilities in your system that hackers will try to exploit
  • Improve your cybersecurity and data management environment
  • Help you achieve compliance readiness
  • Avoid costly data breaches and loss of business operability

Cybersecurity is a challenge because threats and online conditions can change quickly, and do so frequently. Make sure you stay ahead of threats and changes in your security environment with regular and thorough penetration testing. Contact us today to learn how we can help.