There is still time to claim your freedom and access your files anywhere you go…

Have you ever been stuck at a client’s site, the courthouse, the job site, in the field, or simply on vacation with only an iPad, Android, or iPhone device. You might even have brought a laptop with you but the network WIFI you are currently attached to does not allow VPN traffic and that is the only way to access your critical files at work. Have you ever had to send a large set of files to a client, attorney, or outside consultant but couldn't email them because the attachments were too big? We now offer RelySync which allows our clients to synchronize critical files from your work server or workstations to our secure cloud storage servers for access anytime, anywhere and from any device (PC, Macintosh, iPhone, iPad, or Android, or Web browser). This simply eliminates the need to initiate a VPN to gain access to your spreadsheet or Word document that contains that critical element for the meeting or moment you need it most.

What makes Relysync a valuable part of any business's IT solution? Relysync synchronizes and shares on Windows servers as team shares. This means that you won't need any new accounts, just the Windows account you already use. For clients who have servers onsite Relysync will synchronize server shares to the RelySync service so that the data is available anywhere you have an Internet connection and all files will be kept up to date with the latest version.

We've recently extended the capabilities of Relysync. Now even on premise server shares can be linked to your file sharing service so that your files are available on the go where ever you are as long as you have a cellular or WIFI connection. Now you can carry a lightweight tablet or laptop or smartphone on the go and have full access to your company files.

For as little as $20.00 per person your entire company can share files with Teamshares so that the people who need to share information can do so effortlessly. This saves time for all employees and makes you and your employees much more efficient.  Teamshares allow you to segregate the data for groups like Accounting, Operations, C-suite, etc. Only those assigned to the Teamshare will have access to that data. You can also share files to individuals outside your company with as little as three clicks. You can set the sharing and expiration date as well for sensitive files that change often. This is a great alternative to emailing files to anyone in or outside of your company.

Our data encryption methods are stronger than the industry standard as we use Blowfish 448 bit encryption on data in transit and at rest when stored on our servers. We cannot read your data as it is fully encrypted. This is particularly important for companies that must show that they meet certain standards like HIPAA, PCI, Sarbanes-Oxley or SEC rules. We take security very seriously and generate a separate security key per client that is unique to each client. Other companies like Dropbox, or Box do not offer security of this caliber nor do they offer such an easy to use and functional platform at a similar cost. This is why Dropbox’s recent security failures were so heavily publicized as everyone was using the same security key and everyone’s data was at risk. Other free solutions like Google Drive, SkyDrive and others do not allow you to be in control of your security, the number revisions you would like to keep, and do not offer the advanced security encryption that Relysync offers today. Additionally your data is under the control of the company you already trust for your IT support not some large corporation with nameless and faceless support.

We can integrate your already familiar login credentials from your server environment to your RelySync file sharing service. We would simply install the same software on your server to enable Relysync file sharing service to share the same files using the Windows Active Directory username and password you already use at work. Make the jump to a more secure, more reliable and simply file sharing service today by calling us at (650) 961-1300 option 1 or email us at to learn more.